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Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls

Eggnog is the perfect Christmas morning treat. It’s even better with these scrumptious eggnog cinnamon [...]

Eggnog Cupcakes

Spice up your holiday baking with these delicious eggnog cupcakes! Our stabilizer-free organic eggnog adds [...]

Eggnog Fudge

Fudge is a classic holiday favorite. With many different flavors and add-ins, there’s no limit [...]

Eggnog Pound Cake

Eggnog Pound Cake Recipe A delightful pound cake with the delicious flavors of eggnog, what’s [...]

Eggnog French Toast Sticks

Kid-Friendly Eggnog French Toast Sticks French toast is a popular and simple breakfast go-to. Get [...]

Eggnog and Sweet Potato Pudding-Flan by Deborah Madison

Eggnog has many uses besides as a beverage. It can be used in a rice [...]

Chewy Eggnog Macaroons

These eggnog macaroons are the perfect ending to any meal and they are easy to [...]