Give a Hand to Kalona Creamery Hand-Rolled Butter

Kalona Creamery hand-rolled butter swept away the “butter category” competition at the 2019 Iowa State Fair. This is the second year we’ve entered our salted and unsalted hand-rolled butter in the Iowa Quality Dairy Products competition. We took home two first-place ribbons- both varieties of our butter tied for first place!

Lona the cow near Kalona Creamery hand-rolled

What makes our butter special?

Our hand-rolled butter is made the old fashioned way! We start with high-quality, local milk and churn it in small batches. Our butter makers form the logs by hand — as if we are making it just for you!

Iowa Quality Dairy Products

Iowa Quality Dairy Products Competition

This is the 5th year the Iowa State Fair has hosted the Iowa Quality Dairy Products competition. This contest consists of five categories: 

  • Butter
  • Cultured Dairy
  • Cheese Curds
  • Small-format cheese
  • Large-format cheese

Find Kalona Creamery Hand-Rolled Butter & Other Products Near You

Find Kalona Creamery products at our cheese & ice cream shop just north of Kalona, Iowa. If you can’t make it to our brick and mortar shop, there are several other Iowa retailers that sell our products!

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