The Kalona Creamery is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Edgewood Meat Locker to offer their premium artisanal sausages, bacon, and meat sticks in the creamery’s farm store. Area residents can now pick up Edgewood’s raved-about smoked meats along with Kalona’s famous dairy products.

“Folks come from all around for Edgewood’s brats, bacon, and snacks because they’re simply the best tasting anywhere. Now our Kalona customers can grab them fresh along with our milk, cheese curds, fudge, and ice cream,” said Beckie Ward, Manager of Kalona Creamery. 

Previously, many people drove almost 2 hours to visit Edgewood Meat Locker directly. “We’re excited Kalona area residents can pick up our meats in town just minutes from home. It’s very convenient,” stated Sam Ingersoll, Marketing Director for Kalona Creamery. “Selling Edgewood products will also bring people to Kalona from towns and cities in our region.”

All of Edgewood’s meats are sourced from local family farms around Iowa. “When you buy our meats at Kalona Creamery, you support small sustainable agriculture across the state,” Ward added. “We’d love to help build a Kalona area meat locker, but until then, we’ll continue to bring the best of Iowa to our local community and tourism visitors.”

Customer testimonials demonstrate the appeal of Edgewood’s products:

“These are the best brats and the bacon is fantastic. You can really taste the difference quality local meat makes,” said Kevin Baughman from Keota, Iowa. 

“The snack sticks are a go-to choice in our household. My kids love them in their lunches. Much better than grocery store brands,” stated Cheryl B from Iowa City.

The new offerings are available now at Kalona Creamery, located at 2206 540th St SW, Kalona, IA 52247 along Route 1 from Iowa City to Kalona. Learn more at 


About Kalona Creamery 
The historic Kalona Creamery, located on Highway 1 outside Kalona, Iowa, features numerous dairy delights including cheese curds, ice cream, block cheese, hand-rolled butter, organic milk, fresh fudge.

About Edgewood Meat Locker  
Edgewood Meat Locker offers artisanal smoked meats crafted from locally and sustainably-raised livestock.  

For more details, contact:

Beckie Ward, Kalona Creamery Manager,, (319) 656-4220Sam Ingersoll, Marketing Director,, (319) 646-2927

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