New Item: Iowa Hand-Rolled Butter!

Looking for an Iowa hand-rolled butter option? We are excited to announce that we now have locally-made,  hand-rolled butter for sale at Kalona Creamery Shop & Deli. This kitchen staple is a great addition to our ever-evolving Kalona Creamery product line. Come in and take some home, we know your family will enjoy it as much as we do!

What exactly is hand-rolled butter?

Our hand-rolled butter is just that, hand rolled! We use an old-fashioned butter churn that makes small batches of butter. After a batch is done, our butter makers pull it out of the churn, hand roll it, and package it up by hand.  Our one pound salted rolls are now available and our unsalted rolls will be here soon!

Great in recipes or simply on toast!

Hand-rolled butter can be used the same way you would use any other butter! Many people will cut a slice, and leave that on the counter to use throughout the week and refrigerate the remaining loaf.  Also, make your own flavored butter by adding a variety of spices to the butter when cooking or baking. We hope you enjoy our Iowa hand-rolled butter!

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