Kalona Creamery Shop & Deli Now Offering Iowa-Made Gouda!

We are pleased to carry a full variety of wonderful Iowa-made gouda from Frisian Farms.  Located in Leighton, Iowa, Frisian Farms has been known to create the best gouda cheese in Iowa! Depending on the flavor, their gouda is aged 2 months to 1,000 days.

Frisian Farms Gouda at Kalona Creamery


Kalona Creamery’s top seller is Frisian Farms Bacon Gouda. With pieces of bacon blended with a rich gouda taste, this flavor is delicious. Who doesn’t love bacon?
Serving suggestion:  chop and sprinkle on grilled asparagus.

Young Gouda

Frisian Farms Young Gouda is just that, young. Taking only 2-3 months to mature, this flavor is smooth and mild.
Serving suggestion:  slice and serve with your favorite charcuterie.

Aged Gouda

The next step from young gouda is their aged gouda. This is Frisian Farms’ most popular flavor and takes 12-18 months to mature.
Serving suggestion:  slice and serve with your favorite lager.

Sneek Gouda

Looking for a bold flavored gouda? Frisian Farms’ sneek flavor takes 1,000 days to mature. The name comes from the city of Sneek, which is located in the province of Friesland in Holland, where the owner’s great grandfather was from.
Serving suggestion:  slice and serve with your favorite cabernet sauvignon.

Smoked Gouda

In Frisian Farms Smoked Gouda flavor, you’ll get to savor this soft smoky flavor in every bite.
Serving suggestion:  slice and serve on grilled burgers or chicken.

Black Pepper Gouda

With not too much spice, Frisian Farms Black Pepper Gouda has a delightful hint of cracked pepper to satisfy your palate.
Serving suggestion: serve with Cracked Pepper 34° Crisps for extra spice.

Gouda Curds

Frisian Farms Gouda curds are extremely fresh. Their soft and rich flavor makes for a perfect afternoon snack.
Serving suggestion:  eat them straight out of the bag!


Frisian Farms has other flavors including cumin, hot chile and even horseradish/cranberry. Talk to an associate and we’ll see if it’s available to order!

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