Organic, Pasture-Grazed Unsalted Butter

To honor your commitment to a healthy household and planet, we work with small family farms to bring you delicious, certified organic butter from pasture-grazed cows. And we deliver our organic butter to you in the most natural state possible.

We create our butter in small batches using a hands-on method rarely seen in the 21st century. We separate the cream and churn it into butter almost immediately after the milk arrives at the creamery. Our butter churn dates from the post-World War II era, and is very small compared to most industrial churns. Each batch requires the butter maker’s careful supervision to ensure that it turns out just right. After the butter is molded into sticks, it is hand-packed into cartons and ready for the retail shelf.

All Kalona SuperNatural™ butter meets these standards:

  • Non-homogenized
  • Grass-fed
  • Batch-pasteurized
  • Grade A
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Kosher Certified

We keep things simple. So you can too.