Celebrate Dairy at Kalona Creamery

The shop & deli has so much to offer not only for dairy month, but all year long! With many types of cheese from Iowa and Wisconsin, locally made chocolate milk, and 8 flavors of house-made ice cream, we’ve got all types of dairy at Kalona Creamery!

Coming Soon: Hand-Rolled Butter and Fresh Cheese Curds

History of National Dairy Month

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, National Milk Month started in 1937 to promote drinking milk. This was to help stabilize the demand for dairy when there was such a high surplus in production. The title was changed to National Dairy Month to celebrate how the dairy industry has made so many contributions to the world.

The Benefits of Dairy

Start enjoying the summer season by eating nutrient-rich dairy foods! With essentials like calcium and potassium, dairy is extremely helpful to manage your weight, reduce risk for high blood pressure and so much more! From whole milk and chocolate milk to cottage cheese and yogurt, we also sell the variety of products from our organic dairy brand, Kalona SuperNatural, in the shop & deli.

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