Shullsburg Baby Swiss Cheese

Baby Swiss chees is extremely versatile! From sliders and sandwiches to dips and snacks, the possibilities are endless! Try this recipe for Hawaiian Ham & Swiss Slider Recipe, it’s a staff favorite!


What is Baby Swiss Cheese?

When you think of Swiss cheese, you probably think of a mild-flavored white cheese with holes. It may even trigger memories of watching Tom & Jerry as a child,  Jerry always seemed to find the cheese! Well, baby Swiss cheese is very similar to regular Swiss, the difference is simply how it’s made.

Baby Swiss cheese is made using whole milk instead of skim-milk that’s used in traditional Swiss cheese. You’ll notice the holes or “eyes” are smaller in baby Swiss too. Why is that? When Swiss cheese is made, a strain of bacteria releases bubbles of carbon dioxide which then get trapped in the rind and slowly forms holes. The size of the holes can be controlled by the temperature and acidity of the milk, and the aging time of the wheel.

The result? A mild, versatile, and delicious cheese everyone can enjoy! Visit Kalona Creamery Shop & Deli for a sample today.

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