Who is Lona the Cow?

Lona the cow is our Kalona Creamery mascot and she’s extremely a’moo’sed to meet you! One of Lona’s favorite things is visiting with families, kids and community members at our events. She’s not shy and would love for you to take a photo with her! If you see Lona when you visit, be sure to grab her and take a selfie.  She tends to leave her prints all over the store! Trust us, you will definitely see them next time you’re in!

Lona’s name simply comes from the name of Kalona, her hometown. In fact, the idea for having Lona the cow be our mascot came to us from a customer, what a great idea! Lona is thrilled to be able to call Kalona Creamery her home and can’t wait for you to visit and try our new house-made ice cream!

Lona the Cow loves to visit with you and take photos!

‘Lil Lonas

You’ll notice, with every serving of ice cream, including the pints, there’s a delicious ‘lil chocolate Lona placed right on top. These chocolate cow toppers are made locally at Kalona Chocolates and are a real treat, you’ll want more!

If the ice cream toppers aren’t enough, you can purchase a bag of adorable chocolate cows at our shop & deli. These 6-pack white chocolate cows are a great way to bring Lona’s herd home for others to enjoy!

Mark Your Calendars!

We’re celebrating the launch of our ice cream on Saturday, April 21st from 9 am- 5 pm. On this day only, take us up on our Kalona Creamery Ice Cream Challenge. Those who complete the challenge will receive a free Kalona Creamery t-shirt and a $10 gift card! Lona the Cow, our company mascot, will be on-site for photo opportunities. Watch our website and Facebook page for more details!

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