Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Stop by Kalona Creamery Shop & Deli to get special gifts for the cheese lovers in your life today!

5 Unique Gifts for Cheese Lovers

1) Cutting Board-

A high-quality cutting board is key to a beautiful cheese plate. Our favorite choice, JK Creative cutting boards. JK Creative is located in Kalona, Iowa, and they craft by hand a variety of eye-catching, natural wood cutting boards. Learn how to clean a wood cutting board!

2) Jam-

Nothing pairs better with cheese than a fruity jam, well, except for maybe chocolate! At the shop & deli we carry several delightful flavors of Miller’s jam. They are locally-made and taste wonderful atop many different types of soft cheeses!

4) Bloody Mary Mix-

Wine is of course the top beverage of choice to enjoy with cheese, but we’re mixing it up! For the cheese lover in your life, we suggest a nice Bloody Mary mix. The combination of spices in these cocktails, pair perfectly with cheese! Try Madame Mary bloody mary mix today! It’s made in small batches and carefully blended. Make an ultimate Bloody Mary by serving it with cheese curds, small chunks of spicy cheese, a meat stick, piece of bacon and a pickle! Looking for a good spicy cheese? Here’s our guide to spicy cheeses.

3) Chocolate-

The higher cacao percentage, the better! Chocolate and cheddar are a tasty combination. Start with a small bite of cheese, followed by a morsel of dark chocolate and enjoy! Two dark chocolates we love: Kalona Chocolates dark chocolate bars and Ritter Sport Fine Extra Dark Chocolate.

5) High-Quality Crackers-

Cheese lovers love crackers! Though it may seem like a no-brainier, choosing the right cracker can make or break a cheese experience. Potter’s Crackers have the perfect amount of crunch and subtle flavors to accompany many types of cheese.¬†Sometimes cheese is best served with a little crunch!


If you’re looking for other great gift options, check out our other vendors and our Valentine’s day gift boxes!

Cheese lovers Valentine's day gift box!



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