Spicy Cheese Guide

We want to make things easy for our spicy cheese lovers with our new Guide to Spicy Cheeses! 

Please note, even the mildest of the spicy cheese offers a little bit of heat.

Hot Pepper Cheese Ranking
Hot Pepper Cheese Ranking
Hot Pepper Cheese Ranking

Henning’s Dragon’s Breath Cheddar (WI)

If you love the Scorpion Cheddar, you’ll love this one too! There’s one thing for sure, you’ll feel the burn with this cheese!

Nasonville Carolina Reaper Cheddar Cheese (WI)

Tasting this Carolina Reaper cheese is an event–a journey that won’t be forgotten by your mouth and really your entire body. For the most daring cheese and heat lovers only.

Nasonville Scorpion Cheddar Cheese (Wisconsin)

Hot, hot, hot! With a Scoville Heat Scale of 500,000 plus units, Nasonville’s Scorpion Cheddar is sure to make you search for a glass of milk for relief, but that’s just what some people like–adventure in eating. For those who like extreme bold and want an experience to remember.

Laack Ghost Chili Pepper Jack (Wisconsin)

Just a step down from the ghost, the ghost chili pepper is still hot-hot-hot!

Hot Pepper Cheese Ranking
Hot Pepper Cheese Ranking

Hoffman’s Super Hot Pepper (Illinois)

This cheese is a family favorite at Mindy’s (our Sales & Marketing Director) house!  It goes on burgers, sandwiches, crackers, or just straight.  Once you go super hot, it is hard to go back down the scale!

Shullsburg Creamery Smoked Habanero Farmers (Wisconsin)

Although the label still says, Caution Hot!, this cheese is fairly mild on the spice side compared to the others listed above.  If you like a hint of smokey flavor, this may be just what you are looking for!

Jalapeño Muenster (Wisconsin)

Our jalapeno muenster is the least spicy pepper cheese that we offer at Kalona Creamery.  Believe it or not, jalapeno peppers are towards the bottom of the Scoville scale and the creamy and smooth muenster cheese tones that heat level down even more!

Laack Chipotle Monterey Jack (Wisconsin)

Also with a hint of smokiness, this chipotle Monterey jack provides just a little bit of heat.

Hot Pepper Cheese Ranking

Laack Lightening Pepper Marble Jack (Wisconsin)

A step below the super hot, this combination of Colby and Monterey Jack with a hot pepper kick will certainly delight most spicy cheese lovers.

Pepper Jack

A spicy favorite for sandwiches and cheese trays. This is our mildest spicy cheese.

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