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Visit Us at the 2018 Kalona Fall Festival

kalona fall festival

Celebrate the 47th Annual Kalona Fall Festival Hosted by the Kalona Historical Village, Kalona Fall Festival is a fun event to welcome fall. Kalona is a melting pot community, full of heritage and culture. Come learn about the community and it’s businesses on September 28 & 29. There will be food, arts & crafts, entertainment […]

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Kalona SuperNatural Cheese Kits Now Available at Kalona Creamery

New Products: Kalona SuperNatural Cheese Kits Here at Kalona Creamery, we make a lot of cheese. Now you can too! Kalona Creamery is proud to announce that Kalona SuperNatural Fresh Cheesemaking Kits are now available! These cheese kits include: instructions, a fine cheesecloth, thermometer, rennet, citric acid, and cheese salt. All you need is Kalona […]

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The Delicious Taste of Milton Creamery’s Prairie Breeze

prairie breeze

Photo Courtesy: Milton Creamery The Fascination of Prairie Breeze Named and made by Milton Creamery, Prairie Breeze is sweeter than the usual cheddar, and is extremely popular at our shop. Aged no less than 9 months, Prairie Breeze is a crumbly and creamy cheddar cheese. In the aging process, the calcium forms crystals, making a […]

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